Who We Are

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We thank and praise God that you have decided to read about Christ Center of Hope.
On behalf of our church and staff, we welcome you to CCH and pray that your lives will be impacted for having visited us online.

Are you looking for a Home Church?
Please take time to read through our pages and see what CCH has to offer. Christ Center of Hope seeks to be a place where hope abounds in our Lord Jesus Christ.
We strive for an atmosphere where you can have an encounter with God and where the Word of God is exciting and relevant to every aspect of your life. We pray you will discover that Jesus is neither dull nor irrelevant, but rather, He is interested in the smallest details of your life and desires that your joy would be full in Him.

You are not a mistake.
You are a divine product of Achievement and Advancement.
We as a family believe in your dreams. God has given you the most precious gift in life found in the message of SALVATION in JESUS CHRIST the King of kings and the Lord of your life.
We believe in touching lives and shaping destinies through the word of God and the miracle channels of faith and prayer, vibrant worship, intercultural fellowship and gathering before our King.

We welcome you to our Family of Hope.
You are blessed, your family, finance, faith and all key areas of your life.
We pray that you will feel welcome and blessed as you visit us again and again.

 - Rev. Dr. Leeford & Pastor Mrs. Joyce Boohene.